Los Banos
Church of Christ
Loving God. Loving our neighbor.


Missions = Our work on earth

Often people use the term missions to describe efforts to reach people around the world. However, God has also called us to minister to anyone near us, which is part of our mission as Christians (Matthew 28:18-20; Luke 10:25-37)

As a congregation, we have various ministries that we offer, including a clothes closet, food pantry, counseling, youth ministry, visitation, home Bible studies, and other ways to serve people.

What does God want from me?
You Can Give

God has given us life, breath, and all things so that we can give to others (Acts 17:25; 1 John 3:16-18). You can give of your finances, time, prayers, and other ways to fulfill His mission on earth.

And You Can Receive

God promises that when we give, He will give back to us even more (Luke 6:38). He provides for all people, but especially those who seek Him (Matthew 5:45; 6:33). Diligently seek God to receive from Him!

Our ministries that provide Bible studies

We also feel blessed to offer different Bible studies online where students can correspond with us. You can join us in these studies free of charge! For a Bible study series online, click here: http://losbanoscoc.worldbibleschool.org.

For watching Bible study videos that allow you to send us follow-up questions, select any that seem interesting to you.

Where do we go when we die?: A video about what we can experience after death: www.whereafterdeath.org/lbcoc.ca.

Searching for truth: A series studying God, the Bible, the church, and salvation: www.SearchingForTruth.org/lbcoc.ca.

Why are there so many churches?: A video addressing division in Christianity: www.WhySoManyChurches.com/lbcoc.ca. 

What must I do to be saved?: A biblical study about how to receive God's salvation: www.beingsaved.org/lbcoc.ca.